In praise of the sewing shop

Many of us have been there. Something’s ripped, torn or worn through; the zip's gone or a pocket's full of holes. We know we should fix it, but where to start and how to find the time? Here’s the thing. We don’t always have to do everything on our own. There are some 50 sewing,... Continue Reading →

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“A bit of magic” at Repair Cafe Belfast

It’s no ordinary day at Falls Road Library. Among the neatly packed shelves of books, people are chatting, enjoying cake and coffee and waiting with baby monitors, bicycles, blenders and even a life-size animatronic model of Frankinstein. Today the library is hosting Repair Café Belfast, a pop-up community event, where people with practical skills volunteer to help others fix their broken stuff for free.

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Repair Cafés help people to get stuff fixed for free; stuff that might otherwise lie unloved at the back of a cluttered cupboard or end up in landfill when it could be brought back to life. Please help spread the word to other people and groups who might be interested and together we can make this happen in Belfast!

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Nurturing new repair cafe seeds

There is something magical that happens when we come together with the common purpose of fixing things and building community… but you don’t need magic powers to make it happen. We have found that most of the necessary ingredients to run a successful repair café are there, in every community. At the same time, having someone who’s done it before share their recipe and a few tips can make the process less intimidating and a lot more fun.

Autumn 2019 Repair Cafés

We are back this autumn with a repair café every month in the four corners of Belfast! As ever, all our events are open to all, no need to book, repairs are free and donations are welcome. In September, we'll be in CS Square, our first repair cafe in a marquee, as part of the... Continue Reading →

Inspiration from a Legend of Waste

This week, Cat Fletcher was named a ‘Legend of Waste’, beating David Attenborough and Environment Secretary Michael Gove to be named most influential person in waste in the UK. Not bad for someone who started out hiring a van to collect her friends and neighbours recycling in the days before doorstep collections.  In fact, Cat... Continue Reading →

Learning from the Edinburgh Remakery

Repair Cafe Belfast organiser Chris McCartney writes about visiting Edinburgh Remakery and meeting with founder Sophie Unwin.  When you plan your holidays around the chance to visit awesome community repair and reuse projects – it’s time to admit you might need to get out more.  But popping into the Edinburgh Remakery was really only a... Continue Reading →

The right Tools for the job

What would you say if I told you there was a way of turning around people’s lives, simply by getting your old and unused tools and sewing machines into their hands?  That’s the goal of a small Belfast-based charity, Tools for Solidarity. And on a freezing January Sunday, eight repair café volunteers headed over to... Continue Reading →

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